Do you find that there’s not enough people talking about the niche subjects of movies and TV these days? Yeah, us neither, so we’re going to become the first people ever to start blogging about pop culture. Consequently, this blog is sure going to be the first place you go for commentary both trivial profound, reviews, and live-blogging the shit out of some awards shows (i.e., tonight).  But seriously, our blog is going to be more witty than most of the junk you see out there, especially if you are that highest common denominator of TV or movie watcher. Enjoy yourselves.

kyra addendum: While the world will surely benefit from our invaluable thoughts on a variety of subjects (mostly tv and movies but dabbling into sports and whatever else we’re interested in), we are writing first and foremost for each other. There will be internal and external references abound and if you don’t get it, do something productive and watch more TV.

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