Oscar Recap

Now that roughly 24 hours at past I wanted to reflect on some thoughts I had from last nights longggggggg ceremony in bullet point fashion:

First off I have to acknowledge I lost my parlay due to Ang Lee pulling the upset in Best Director. Not much to add…I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

The theme this year was ‘music in film,’ but really it seemed like a tribute to broadway shows that were made into films. This becomes obvious when you realize that the producers of the show also produce the ratings turd Smash. Why do we need to have a theme for the broadcast at all? Let’s cut out all the songs no one cares about and trim the show to a crisp 7 hours.

I thought Seth MacFarlane was perfectly fine as a host. He seems to be getting a lot of negative reviews today, which I think are overblown. The fact of the matter is that it is a thankless job to host an awards show. That being said, I didn’t give two shits about him yucking it up with Daniel Radcliff & Co.

On another hosting front, Daniel Day-Lewis easily had the funniest joke of the night by saying that Meryl Streep was the original choice to play Lincoln and he was the original choice to play Margaret Thacher. Guy is a total pro.

I also want to say that Robert Downey Jr. is an insufferable twat. Did you really need to note that The Avengers grossed over $1 billion worldwide? Robert Downey Jr. is the Darren Rovell of the film industry.

Here’s hoping Samantha Barks would’ve made the cut of MacFarlane’s boobs song if he had done it next year

Does anyone seem to be less happy they are a famous actress than Kristen Stewart? If you don’t want to read a list of nominees then don’t come. Although in her defense Chris Brown broke her leg before the show.

Why was Michelle Obama there? Well I guess when the Bill Shatner bit worked so well you just couldn’t pass up another chance to throw it to the screen on stage eh producers?

Finally, I just want to take a minute to address this stupid Onion cunt controversy. I actually thought it was a funny tweet when I read it, but people are just too sensitive these days to let something like that slide. Barstoolsports has a running segment called ‘the pussification of America’ and this fits right in. It’s a JOKE people. No one actually thinks a 9 year old girl on her best behavior at the Oscars is acting like a cunt. Every time someone gets in trouble for a joke people take too seriously the terrorists win.

Update: Barstool actually wrote a post exactly on this subject.

Update #2 (buckeyedpeas): I’d like to add that our predictions for Picture, Director, the Acting, and the Writing categories went 6/8, which is better than Grierson, Leitch, and Wesley Morris all did.  A lot of people, including us, thought the incredibly overrated Lincoln 3rd-grade-play prestige would add it a few more Oscars (esp. Spielberg), but we were right on the money with Christoph Waltz.  I also thought Seth MacFarlane did a fine job with hosting; think how bad it’s been recently, and you take his jokes that land with his odd combination of misogyny and showtunes.  You got what you expected, I enjoyed the Mel Gibson joke (and his follow-up), and his introductions of Christopher Plummer and Meryl Streep were excellent.  Finally, I would like everybody to know that I bought Jennifer Lawrence stock in 2010 after Winter’s Bone (confirm with my parents) and am thrilled with my decision after last night.  What a husky voice on her.  She is your winner and current title-holder of “greatest living human being.”  You’ve totally made it once Jack Nicholson hits on you after the Oscars!

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