Counterpoint: Girls Sucks

Let’s talk about realism shall we? Does anyone else think it is realistic that Patrick Wilson (Joshua), a good-looking, wealthy doctor, would ever shack up with the likes of Lena Dunham’s Hannah? Let’s be serious, every time she gets naked on the show it’s a cringeworthy event. Oh sure, she’s so BRAVE because she shows her IMPERFECT BODY. LOOK HOW BOLD I AM WORLD. Enough is enough. You’re telling me that when Joshua is playing naked ping pong with Hannah he somehow remains sexually attracted to her? The show itself goes out of its way to underscore that Hannah is not good looking. Lena Dunham used this episode to self-indulgently get to make out with a hotter guy than she could ever get in real life.

Let’s keep talking about realism. When did Charlie become a successful App-maker? In Season 1 he was the lead singer of some horrible band, but in the middle of season 2 OUT OF NOWHERE he is working in some stereotypical awesome tech office on the verge of making millions in internet dollars. GAHHHH WHAT? Nothing in this character’s history made me think he was in the tech field, nor did I find him capable of establishing connections to that field even if he did have an idea. Furthermore, his app is stupid. Why the fuck would someone pay 10 dollars do buy an app that keeps you from calling someone you don’t want to call? This is a transparent plot device used by the 26 year old Dunham to show how he still misses Marnie. “You see guys, the App is a symbol! Even though he’s had another girlfriend he still misses Marnie!” Fucking brilliant elementary school writing there.

On the subject of character continuity, the show takes so many random turns I don’t know where to start. The first meeting between Jessa and Marnie with Jessa’s future husband goes about as awkwardly as you can imagine. If anyone were to be attracted to him it was Marnie, and yet Jessa somehow MARRIES this guy without a second thought. It just felt stupid and undeserved to me. Quite frankly, for a show based on realism, who the fuck knows a ‘Jessa’ in real life or any of these characters for that matter? Oh yeah she’s totally just like my heroin addict friend from college! Hannah wouldn’t have any friends in real life because she is a horrible person. Shoshannah is a caricature of a JAP but is so naive as to be unbelievable to actually exist. Marnie kinda represents that girl inside many girls who actually wants to be a singer but is afraid to give it a shot, breaks up with a good guy because she wants something more exciting, etc. So OK, I’ll give you Marnie seems somewhat real.

Back to continuity, I felt that Adam’s switch in the middle of season 1 from creepy sex perv to sympathetic character didn’t make sense to me. I get that we were supposed to recognize that because Hannah is a terrible person she didn’t recognize that there was more to Adam than meets the eye, but there was no indication Adam wasn’t that person either. Also, what the fuck does Adam do? He gets rent money from his grandma, but what does he do all day? How is he living day to day? What the fuck

Another thing, I know Sepinwall pointed out that there was a sign or 2 from Season 1 that pointed out that Hannah has OCD, but for those of us who aren’t TV critics for a living I had no awareness of that fact. In the middle of the 2nd season she simply goes from acting ‘normal’ to having a full-blown OCD freak out that is now continuing for multiple episodes. It just seems like episode to episode you really have no idea where the show is going. Is this a show I need to be watching week to week to understand, or does every episode stand on its own? I don’t know and it doesn’t seem like the writers do either.

One more thought while I’m rambling. How the fuck did Charlie and Ray become best friends? Charlie I’m presuming is around 26–the ages of the other characters–whereas Ray is some 33 year old loser. Yes, I know they were in a band together, but are you telling me this kid doesn’t have any friends his own age that also live in New York? This is a weird friendship.

In conclusion, Girls sucks. It’s not funny (except The Book of Mormon’s Andrew Rannells who I thought was hilarious). It’s a show that puts together awkward moment after awkward moment and dares you to call it artistic and brilliant. Bold moving showing jizz on screen! WAY TO PUSH THE ENVELOPE!

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One Response to Counterpoint: Girls Sucks

  1. cindy says:

    I think these two opposing and energetic reposes are in their own way ‘proof’ of Girls success as a show. 99% of tv shows (and movies,theater, art…) aren’t bad or good enough to elicit any viewer response. To be able to create something-a show, a painting, a song- that makes the viewer feel any emotion (besides boredom) and evokes any kind of reaction (besides sleep) is an achievement.

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