MLB 2013 Predictions

Below are my annual baseball predictions:

Team Results:

AL Division Winners: Yankees, Tigers, Angels

AL Wild Card: Blue Jays and Rays

AL Champion: Tigers

NL Division Winners: Nationals, Cardinals, Diamondbacks

NL Wild Card: Braves and Reds

NL Champion: Nationals

World Series: Nationals over Tigers


Cy Young: Justin Verlander and Stephen Strasburg

MVP: Robinson Cano and Bryce Harper or Jayson Heyward (toss-up–going with Harper)

Rolaids Relief Man of the Year: Aroldis Chapman and Mariano Rivera

Comeback Player of the Year: Mariano Rivera and Ian Kennedy

ROY: Wil Myers and Shelby Miller

Other Predictions:

Mike Trout will have under 25 home runs and over 50 stolen bases; will hit under .300

Bryce Harper has a 30-30 season

Rangers seriously regret the 8 year-$120 million contract just signed with Elvis Andrus

Yu Darvish will underperform lofty expectations of him as a Cy Young candidate–ERA in the mid-3’s with ~200 K’s and a WHIP over 1.200 will not be enough.

Ike Davis and Jay Bruce bop 40+ dingers

Phillies trade one of the ‘Big 3’ before the deadline

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One Response to MLB 2013 Predictions

  1. Mark says:

    Nationals over the Tigers?

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