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The Bling Ring

It would be a bit unfair to Sofia Coppola to say that she’s going to spend the rest of her career as a director trying to remake the brilliantly understated and beautiful Lost in Translation: First, Lost in Translation is a great … Continue reading

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This Is the End

Buckeye: Kyra and I, along with our boy G-ross, just got out of This Is the End, or: The Seth Rogen Movie. You’re probably familiar with the conceit—Rogen, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, and Jay Baruchel, all playing versions … Continue reading

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Mad Men S6 E13: In Care Of

Buckeye: Much to discuss, I think, from last night’s season finale, with some reflections on this past season as a whole and on the way Matt Weiner has laid the foundation for his series’ final episodes. Because Mad Men episodes … Continue reading

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Top 10 TV Show Opening Credits

10. Six Feet Under Buckeye: After Michael C. Hall’s character and the occasional Richard Jenkins cameo, the opening credits are the best thing about Six Feet Under. As someone with a deathly fear of anything that has to do with … Continue reading

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Mad Men S6 E12: The Quality of Mercy

Buckeye: Well, Ken Cosgrove made a return appearance to Mad Men after a brief reprieve, only to get shot in the face on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney some Chevy execs, and startling as that was, I can’t say … Continue reading

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Mad Men S6 E11: Favors

Buckeye: WHOA. For a show whose drama primarily depends on suspicion and secrets moreso than characters’ overt acts, it’s extra jarring when something momentus in these characters’ lives, as opposed to the standard psychological mind games these people play every … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones S3 E10: Mhysa

We’re going to try a different tack this week. After the enjoyment we had writing a Fast Six review in tandem, we wanted to try this out with television shows we watch as well. So please let us know if … Continue reading

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