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True Detective Episodes 1 & 2 Review

Apologies for the lateness on this, as I had a sojourn in Park City followed by a return to the academic world. I thought about waiting until after the 3rd episode to write down my thoughts, but seeing as I … Continue reading

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Oscar Nominations, and That Click-bait Best Picture Crap

Folks, live-blogging inane awards shows will really drain the hell out of you. Much as kyra and I may or not like them, we love to make fun of them, and you’d be surprised how much crap to mock or … Continue reading

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Golden Globes Live Blog

11:08 kyra: The Golden Globes makes The Wolf of Wall Street look like it should enter the short films category. Yet another night of gratuitous Hollywood self-masturbation. We can only hope that with 12 Years a Slave’s victory we’ve finally paid our dues for slavery. … Continue reading

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Buckeye’s Top Ten Movies of 2013 (with Additional Related Commentary)

kyra brought the goods a couple weeks ago with his excellent best-of-TV list running down 2013 (I fully agree of his top three shows, though I might reorder them slightly); I’m about to do the same with regards to the … Continue reading

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Under Review: Her

For a movie whose second most important character is a computer program, Spike Jonze’s Her has a remarkably humanist outlook. What each of its characters, bodied or disembodied, seek is something resembling human connection, and their ability or inability to successfully … Continue reading

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The Room Eleven Hall of Fame Ballot

Buckeye: Reading column after column from many corners detailing the charade of pretentious moral handwringing that is the Baseball Hall of Fame voting process can grow tiresome and irksome after a while, yet still I keep reading about it. kyra keeps … Continue reading

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Under Review: Inside Llewyn Davis

Ever been to one of those musical revue shows? On Broadway, I think they’ve sucked the well dry of every hit Motown and doo-wop single recorded between, say, 1955 and 1970, and eager producers no doubt saw the potential to … Continue reading

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