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Live Oscar Blog 2014

12:05 Buckeye: Looking forward to next year when PT Anderson’s new movie won’t win anything! Thanks for reading and indulging—despite what we’ve said tonight it was a great movie year. 12:02 kyra: Pretty much no surprises. Happy to see Spike Jonze … Continue reading

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The Americans S2E1: Comrades

kyra: Buckeye, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a real show to talk about again. Sure True Detective has kept us up late on Sunday nights, but it just hasn’t sucked me all in. The Americans, on the other hand, had … Continue reading

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Checking in on True Detective

I hesitate to write about True Detective at all until I see the finished product. As Wesley Morris opined, it’s like judging a book halfway through. Unlike the serial nature of TV drama, this is a miniseries. It is only 8 episodes, … Continue reading

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True Detective Episodes 1 & 2 Review

Apologies for the lateness on this, as I had a sojourn in Park City followed by a return to the academic world. I thought about waiting until after the 3rd episode to write down my thoughts, but seeing as I … Continue reading

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Kyra’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2013

This has been a great year for television. There’s so much high quality TV out there right now that you’d have to be a full-time TV critic to see it all (or be our buddy JoJo). So I had to … Continue reading

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Season Review: Homeland

As faithful readers are no doubt aware, my Homeland reviews tailed off after the early going. The simple truth is it’s more fun to write reviews of shows you like than those you don’t. This is part that better shows have enough … Continue reading

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Kyra’s Movie Roundup (Catching Fire; Before Midnight; Gravity; 12 Years a Slave)

Buckeye has been writing such stellar movie reviews that I really don’t want to sully his work by putting my thoughts in. With that being said, I have seen a bunch of movies too! And I have opinions on them! … Continue reading

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