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2013 Emmys Live Blog

11:10 bp: Christ, it’s over. Time to watch the best show on TV. 11:09 bp: WOW BREAKING BAD WON. THANK FUCKING GOD. Like me, Vince predicted House of Cards! Vince is a genius. 11:06 bp: Not sure why Modern Family got to win when … Continue reading

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Girls and the Stupid Drama-Comedy Distinction

Like every good American, I was reading Gawker yesterday, this time while stranded during a two-hour flight delay, and came across this post by Rich Juzwiak. First of all, he made a similar point to mine last week with regards … Continue reading

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Counterpoint: Girls Sucks

Let’s talk about realism shall we? Does anyone else think it is realistic that Patrick Wilson (Joshua), a good-looking, wealthy doctor, would ever shack up with the likes of Lena Dunham’s Hannah? Let’s be serious, every time she gets naked … Continue reading

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In Praise of Girls

I’m pretty sure that, once Breaking Bad goes off the air this fall, I’ll be arguing that Girls is the best show on TV. It’s not the funniest (I’d give that crown to Parks & Rec) nor does it offer the most significant … Continue reading

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