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Live Oscar Blog 2014

12:05 Buckeye: Looking forward to next year when PT Anderson’s new movie won’t win anything! Thanks for reading and indulging—despite what we’ve said tonight it was a great movie year. 12:02 kyra: Pretty much no surprises. Happy to see Spike Jonze … Continue reading

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Oscar Nominations, and That Click-bait Best Picture Crap

Folks, live-blogging inane awards shows will really drain the hell out of you. Much as kyra and I may or not like them, we love to make fun of them, and you’d be surprised how much crap to mock or … Continue reading

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Amour (2012)

You didn’t seriously think that the first review I posted on here would be of an uplifting film in the English language, did you? Of course you didn’t, because you are reading Room Eleven and know how fucking weird and … Continue reading

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Oscar Recap

Now that roughly 24 hours at past I wanted to reflect on some thoughts I had from last nights longggggggg ceremony in bullet point fashion:

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Live Oscar Blog (scroll for predictions)

12:01 bp: Like kyra, happy for Ben.  I enjoyed Argo and thought it succeeded as a movie specifically because of his direction.  Also Lincoln didn’t win and I’m happy about that. Thanks for reading, keep it coming. 12:00 kyra: What a … Continue reading

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